If you liken your website to a Formula 1 race car – then technical SEO is the blend of strategies & processes behind making that race car as performant as possible. As data is ingested & analysed in almost real-time, optimisations are implemented and tested, continually seeking improved levels of efficiency, speed and performance. Technical SEO is also known as ‘on page SEO’ in certain corners of the industry.

A very simple list of technical SEO tasks might include:

  • Optimisation of existing content to better match user intent & improve engagement
  • Assessment & creation of new content to target new opportunities
  • Optimisation of internal linking architecture to help solidify your most important pages
  • Crawler optimisation for a more efficient crawl budget, meaning your pages will be crawled & refreshed more regularly in Google’s index

An even easier way of looking at what technical SEO involves – is to say ‘everything apart from link building’ which is a somewhat separate discipline designed to grow the popularity of your website’s pages. This is also known as ‘off page seo’ just in case you ever trip over that term.

I have spent the last 20 years practicing technical SEO on B2C and B2B websites of varying sizes, from a 5 page WordPress small business website through to massive IBM Ecommerce platforms that carry 5 million SKUs in 50 countries and multiple languages. I truly have done it all & made my clients and employers significant uplifts in revenue through my applied techniques.

I have a natural affinity for unlocking new revenue from Ecommerce platforms using a number of ultra creative techniques i have perfected over the years. I can operate in any vertical market as i am data-led but for reference i have direct experience of iGaming, Sports Betting, Fashion, Insurance and Money comparison, Electronics & Financial services. I also own and operate my own websites in some of the most competitive markets on earth, this keeps my skills razor sharp at all times.