Guaranteed access to my digital consultancy services every month. Use the time however you like. My calendar is available to you 24/7 so you can book upfront or at your leisure.

This is the service you were looking for.


There are many small and medium sized businesses out there that have very inexperienced SEO teams. With such tight budgets it really is vital that strategic SEO decisions taken are the right ones for the business. I have proven many times over the years that one top-tier SEO professional can work faster and more diligently than several inexperienced SEOs, and achieve better results in less time.

Why? The ability to read the tea leaves the right way. A finely tuned gut instinct.

I have given this a great deal of thought over the years and wanted to offer all business an affordable extension to their existing setups, whatever that may be. An assurance that your investment in me is the most risk averse & smartest move you can make.

Any business of any size can lean into my twenty years + of digital marketing experience – just a video call away.


Guaranteed access to my video consultancy service – 12 month minimum contract


1 x 60 minute video call per week – or 1 x 120 minute video call per fortnight if preferable*

24/7 access to my calendar to book a call.

Includes a full initial site appraisal at no extra charge.

* Video calls do not rollover month-to-month – use them or lose them.

My experience tells me that most small business owners are either very hands-on with their websites, or have a very small or junior digital team in place. My service guarantees access to a top quality digital marketing professional every month for £12k a year. Believe me when i say that this could be the most significant spend you ever make.

You’ll be genuinely blown away at what can be achieved in the time – which can be used however you wish:

  • Coaching existing team
  • Talk through individual issues / pages
  • Discuss latest algorithm updates
  • Hands on optimisation
  • Anything else your heart desires

I can show you exactly what to do, coaching you as we go, or I can do it for you and you can record the video for playback at a later time. This type of consultancy will leave you empowered. My mission is to coach and have you understand so you can repeat for yourself.

For less than half the price of a junior employee – you can get the experience of a man that has spent the last 20 years providing SEO excellence for his employers. My advice and methodologies get proven results, in a safe and resilient way. No spam, no underhand and frankly dangerous tactics. The integrity of your business & website is assured first and foremost.

Safe hands – excellence of service – as standard.

The exact same offer applies to larger enterprises. Having been there myself i know having an expert on tap is vital – whether you need that professional second opinion to help your stakeholder management, or someone to call in when things hit the fan. I can play that role for you. Guaranteed to be there when you need me, inexpensive, but ever so valuable.