Due to a successful business sale in early 2024, my last role was made redundant, and i thought it was about time to go solo once more, so here i am!

I have been practicing my trade for 20+ years. Unlike a whole bunch of other people who offer a similar service to me, i have also worked my way up the corporate ladder, learning and mastering my trade whilst picking up a world of business acumen and communicative skills along the way.

My career has seen me working for one of the top digital agencies in the UK where I headed up a superb team of technical SEOs – all who have gone on to achieve great things.

I have also spent many years in a large scale enterprise – where my small team were responsible for ecommerce websites in over 50 countries, each containing over 1 million SKUs. My team delivered over 1 billion USD of revenue during my tenure.

You can fact check me right here on my LinkedIn page – if that’s your thing.

From Technical SEO Manager to Vice President – i have never stopped leading from the front – my skills are as sharp as they ever were, and i offer those skills to you today.

Speak soon, maybe?